Founded in 2008, KonNx Africa (formerly JoynX) is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of high and low voltage cable coupler solutions. Research, development, and continuous exploration into the unknown of cable coupler technology is part of the KonNx Africa DNA. Committed to providing the mining and excavation industries with high quality products that are safe, reliable, and as good as the cable, we never stop looking for that next innovative step forward.

Our Products  Company History

KonNx’s dedication to providing the industry with products of the highest possible quality, unmatched in reliability and safety, is reflected in its logo. Those three dots of the KonNx Africa logo represent a set of proof coins, which are the highest possible quality of coins a person can buy.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, KonNx Africa has a non-ferrous foundry and machine shop on-site in order to serve its customers more efficiently. Combined, KonNx Africa and its international partner companies utilise nearly 50 years of professional and operational experience in the design and manufacture of quality electrical cable coupler and adaptor systems.

KonNx Africa products are available in aluminium and Ex-certified stainless steel, in a variety of high and low voltages to suit your sites needs. Many of the products available from KonNx Africa are innovations of design, pioneer products pushing the boundaries in electrical cable coupler technology and innovation. An example of this is the 35BU, exclusive to KonNx Africa and our sister companies, which is the only coupler available on the market with an operational voltage of 35,000V. Our 12kV flameproof coupler system, designed by our sister company’s founding director Philip Marks, was awarded the South African Flameproof Association’s Product Innovation Award in 2018. Additionally, all of our high voltage products have a genderless design.

Placing a high priority on the operational health and safety of our clients, KonNx Africa products include various features such as:

  • phases segregated by earth;
  • insulation that extinguishes arcs and faults;
  • partial discharge and corona are eliminated;
  • IP68 rating on aluminium high voltage couplers from 8.7kV to 25kV; and the
  • shape of coupler allowing for ease of handling.

Our products have been ergonomically designed, with our high voltage couplers including handles to assist OH&S practices. Further aiding in operating awareness and safety on our high voltage couplers is the LED Live Line Indicator, available for both our aluminium and stainless steel ranges.

For further information about KonNx and its products, do no hesitate to reach out to us. The link to our contact details can be found below.

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