118BKA Range | 11,000 Volts | 800 Amp | 8 Bolt | High Voltage Half Couplers

Rated for 800 amps with an operating voltage of 11,000 volts, the 118BKA has an ingress protection rating of IP68.

The 118BKA is designed for use in Non-Ex operational environments, such as opencast and metalliferous mining, and pumps and tunnelling projects. Released in 1995, this coupler features full phase to phase segregation with earth. The design of the 118BKA is based on an international standard of compliance, AS/NZS1300, which requires the use of eight bolts to join two couplers and close the system.

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  • Features

    • IP68 rating
    • Solid face and body casting
    • Silicon Phase Connectors
    • Higher mPa Aluminium material
    • Handles
    • All air expelled on joining
    • Silicon seal for face
    • Full phase to phase segregation with earth
    • Arc extinguishing Phase Insulators
    • Genderless design
  • Accessories

    • LED Live Line Indicator
    • Adaptor – Gear Mount
    • Silicon Phase Connectors
    • Cast Protection Cover
    • Crimp Contacts
    • Gland – Armoured
    • Gland – Unarmoured
    • Insulated End Cover
    • Slide Hammer
    • Coupling Tool
    • CAT Skid

Technical Information

  • Specs

    Volts 11,000
    Amp 800
    LOA (mm) 690
    Weight (KG) 18.5
    Material Aluminium
    Volume (Litres) 4.0


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  • Test Results

    Referenced to AS/NZS 1300:2009
    Through Fault Current at 10 minute intervals 3 Tests of 20kA for 0.3 second
    1 Test of 20kA for 1.0 second
    AC HV Withstand 24kV for one minute
    Temperature Rise 800 amp for 5 hours with stable temperature within percentage of ambient temperature
    Ingress Protection IP68