PSZA Range | Stainless Steel Restrained Plugs and Sockets

The PSZA Restrained Range of plugs and sockets are suitable for use in mining, tunnelling, pumping, and commercial applications, including Group 1 hazardous environments.

Ex-certified, PSZA plugs and sockets have an operating voltage of 1,100V and are rated for 250A. Though products within this range are designed for use in underground operational sites, they can also be utilised in opencast and metalliferous sites if a higher level of durability is required. Available release options for PSZA sockets include the Jack-In (Screw) Release, Quick Release, and the KonNx Africa-exclusive Ratchet Release. Receptacle Gland & Bracket (RGB) and Back-to-Back (B2B) socket assemblies are also available for this range.

Should flamepath damage occur, the outer body of PSZA plugs can be replaced on-site, even underground, assisting in downtime and maintenance cost reduction. With no specialised training required to carry out this maintenance, this outer body can also be ordered separately and kept on-site.

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  • Features

    • Quick Release
    • Ratchet Release
    • Single piece contacts to prevent hot joints
    • Easy termination
    • Easy flameproof repair
    • Full solid earth connectivity throughout product
    • Full phase to phase segregation with earth
    • Lightest Ex product on the market
  • Accessories

    • Silicone Protection Cover

Technical Information

  • Specs

    Volts 1,100
    Amps 250
    Socket Weight(KG) 7.9
    Plug Weight(KG) 4.1
    Material Stainless Steel

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  • Test Results

    Referenced to: SANS 1489
    Through Fault Current at 10 minute intervals 12.5kA for 0.2 seconds
    12.5kA for 0.2 seconds
    AC HV Withstand 3.32kV – 4.2kV for 1 minute
    Temperature Rise 250A